What We Do

Preserve Critical Habitats

Florida’s native animals and plants are facing extinction. The Florida Panthers are at extreme risk. They are among the most endangered species on earth. These large cats need hundreds of acres to roam. The preservation of wildlife corridors, which provide safe passage between large swaths of native habitats, is key to their survival. Cypress Cove Landkeepers is committed to protecting, restoring and connecting the remaining wildlife habitats in our rapidly developing state. Our goal is to safeguard natural resources and wildlife so that future generations will have the green space necessary to support a healthy, balanced existence.

Land Conservation

Rapid development is negatively impacting Southwest Florida’s unique ecosystems. As new roads, shopping centers and housing developments disrupt our preserves, swamps, and estuaries, the native plants and animals that thrive there are often pushed to extinction. Cypress Cove Landkeepers is presently returning the Gore Nature Education Center property to its “Old Florida” roots by removing invasive species and reintroducing the plants originally found there. Native plants in the Center’s pollinator gardens will welcome visitors to the property and guide them along the entrance boardwalk leading to the newly renovated education building. Future plans include protecting additional vulnerable properties and, when possible, restoring them to their native beauty.
What We Do: Land Conservation | Cypress Cove Landkeepers
What We Do: Nature Inspired Experiences | Cypress Cove Landkeepers

Nature Inspired Experiences

The many benefits of nature immersion for children and adults is well documented, as is the diminishing number of hours most people spend outside. Introducing visitors to the wonders of nature is one of Cypress Cove Landkeepers’ primary objectives. Our “Old Florida” Gore Nature Education Center property provides the perfect setting for exploration – as well as gardening, crafting and photography. In addition to the fun of navigating native trails and pollinator gardens, our indoor classroom is filled with science projects, microscopes and art materials just waiting to inspire visitors.

Florida's Natural Habitats are in Critical Need

Southwest Florida’s unique natural treasures need to be protected against the irreversible environmental damage caused by overdevelopment. Stand with us as we work to save natural Florida.


Your donation at any level helps us to acquire land for habitat restoration and conservation.


We’re always looking for individuals who share our passion for saving Florida’s Habitats.


The Gore Nature Education Center is now accepting weekend reservations.